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Evan Lee Gildred

Comfort and strength seemed to melt away at the simple turning of a door handle. Eva’s once confident and teasing nature now vanished at the arrival of Solo’s roommate. His change was noticeable, even in his body language. He blushed a vibrant red and looked down at the floor once again. This wasn’t exactly the best first impression he could make on the boy named Frio. With his disheveled appearance and Solo looking on from the bed above, it probably didn’t look good from an outsider’s opinion. Eva and Solo knew it wasn’t anything like that, but it didn’t stop people from possibly jumping to the wrong conclusion.

“I-I’m Eva,” he stuttered through his greeting awkwardly and gave the boy a reciprocal bow, holding it to show a little more respect than he normally might have done otherwise. “Solo and I, well, we’re friends and we were just having a conversation before your arrival. I hope you don’t mind his behavior,” he apologized for Solo, an act that he had a suspicion he would be doing over and over again in the days ahead. “He really doesn’t mean to come off as rude, it’s just kind of his way.” Eva shot Solo a glare that only he could see, as if telling him to be nice and cut it out.

“Soooo, Frio.” Eva paused and returned his attention back to him, his eyes not meeting the other’s unlike when he talked with Solo. “I kind of have an awkward question for you.” Crossing and uncrossing his arms, he tried to find a stance that made him comfortable while talking, but he couldn’t seem to find one. Giving up, he shot his hands in his coat pockets and stood up straight as best he could. “It’s getting kind of late and my roommate and I kind of had a disagreement about something. Uhm, Solo offered for me to stay the night here. Would that be okay with you?” Eva knew that Solo probably wouldn’t care if Frio gave his permission or not, but it meant a lot to Eva. It was half Frio’s room after all and it wouldn’t be polite to just randomly throw an imposition on somebody like that.

Waiting for an answer, Eva tried to tidy his hair quickly, some loose strand having become tangled and dangling awkwardly to the side. Normally, he would have it down by now and be ready for bed, but it wasn’t exactly a normal night.
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