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I didnt answer the girl first, though she looked surprised to see me. I couldn't believe how mean Solo was, even after I saved his life and prevented him from trouble. "Bother you?" I said harshly, "You understand I took a detention for you?!" I dropped my bag on the ground. I wasn't yelling, but I wasn't kindly saying my words. It was a venomous calm, "I don't even know you yet I risked staying here to help you. When you had your little tantrum I carried you to class." I went to where I stored my clothes and picked out clothes for tomorrow. I picked a black shirt and very dark jeans, they would be hard to get dirty.

I realized that I myself was becoming a bit more agressive then I meant to be, so I took a deep breath and stood up. I looked toward the girl, "Friend huh?" I looked at her, then at him. How did he get friends. "Yea I don't care, you can take my bed." I had a sleeping bag that I brought with me, along with a pillow. I usually slept on a mat on the ground anyways, so I figured she would deserve the bed more than me. "Just make sure your friend doesn't get bothered." I said sarcastically. I took out night clothing, something I usually didn't wear, but figured would have to in this situation, and went into the bathroom to strip down. I turned on cold water and brushed my teeth and stuff. When I finished getting dressed, and finished doing my bathroom things I stepped out.

"By the way are you both actually going to investigate that graveyard?"
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