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    Ah, the AI and difficulty of the Gym leaders... lemme make some points about that:

    I want to be more challenging gym leaders with specific strategies. I really hope they'd take consideration on how easy the current gym battles are, and seriously re-work them to incorporated strategies that not only work with the TMs they issue, but with moves such as... Trick Room or the weather moves. Take Candice from Gen 4. She has an Ice team, with her TM being Avalanche. But at the same time, she also has somewhat of a Hail Team (maybe from the fact that Snover and Abomoasnow was available with Snow Warning but besides that point). She also has a Froslass with her Snow Clock ability. In which under hail, even if you had a team full of Fire pokemon, it'd be still quite a challenge to defeat Froslass, unless you were lucky enough. Besides that, with hail, she was able to spam Blizzard constantly, with a full 100% accuracy rate. Case in point, I'd like more gym leaders who can utilize other strategies, like field-based moves, or something of the sort.

    And another thing, I want there to be more harder gym trainers, and a longer gym feel. I dunno, with gyms, I feel like at the end, I feel like Gym Leaders are 'bosses'. And, I want there to be more satisfaction of beating these 'bosses' than just collecting badges and grabbing those TMs. To be honest, and in my opinion, there should be a point where you'll feel that you've really, really, had to actually work for it. That would be actually be more satisfying earning a badge. As a side point, the music has to be epic too. I mean, battles aren't really the same without the proper music, y'know?

    ..Something extra also came to mind. I really hope that this room:

    Becomes a gym. That would be very impressive, imo. Maybe this room is a gym too:

    There are Gym signs there. It.. kind of reminds me of Unova's, but, they're probably just the offical gym signs for every where now.

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