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Here's a hypothetical for you:

I'm not saying I want to create this, least not now (who has the time?), but what if there was a club where people with their own personal Pokemon characters, mascots, or Pokesonas could get together and share that kind of stuff with each other, maybe give interesting feedback on others, help them out in developing one, post up artwork and whatever else? It wouldn't be solely an art club or a writing club, that's what those sub forums are for, but the thing is, it's sort of hard to find out who has what, so perhaps a collective arena might get everyone together.

Quite honestly, I joined the forum to see others' personal interpretations of their favorite Pokemon (humorously, but anything's good, really). It's fun to me to get to know more about other people's characters when they aren't mary sues.

Now, I can see one potential issue being that it might start to spill out of the boundaries of the franchise, which could make its connection to Pokemon blurry. Another problem could be that it turns into one big circlej*rk, I suppose some of that's inevitable, but an effective leader could keep it from becoming a club full of positive reinforcement spam loop about "how great my character is". That can be managed with topics, and I can come up with plenty. :P

Topics would also keep it from turning into a thread full of arts and novels, as we could just easily link to our galleries for that. They'd be more in line with "what's the one personality quirk your character is known for" or something much more fun and silly like "what would your character do if it had one day to live". And then, there's "If your character is a wild Pokemon, would it behave differently if owned by a trainer" and vice versa.

Other rules would be to be respectful, no telling anyone their ideas suck or anything, and if a person's looking for constructive crits, flaming won't be allowed.

It has the potential to be amusing, anyway. Of course, I don't really know. Plus, members with characters would have to know the club exists to get anything out of it.

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