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    There are a lot of possiblities with the typings of Xerneas and Yveltal.
    Imo, i think Yveltal would be dark flying and Xerneas would be ice psychic. It's pretty hard to guess Xerneas's typing lol. In the trailer when Xerneas takes a step, you see something like mist appear and when it zooms out there is mist around Xerneas, thats why i think Xerneas would be part ice. But it's strange cuz it does not fit the foresty background it's in. I think it would be psychic so it would be weak to dark(yveltal). Also, both of the leg have an advantage.

    Another thing is that Yveltal could be part ghost. either ghost/flying or ghost/dark with levitate such as flygon (dragon/ground)
    What leads me to believe that is because it has blue eyes which it zooms in on and it seems blind. In a norse legend the "bird/dragon" is supposed to be a ghost or something supernatural.What do u guys think?
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