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    Mana Murasaki
    The Espeon girl
    At the Cafetaria -> Entei Dorms

    Mana felt sympathy when Kilik decided to tell her what was bugging him. Appearently his father got into a incident and was in the hospital right now, long story short, they couldn't make it for thanksgiving. Mana wasn't sure what to say right now, she didn't know what to say to cheer Kilik up… just a hug maybe? That probably wouldn't do it.

    Mana thought of a few things to say. Kilik should be happy that his father didn't die in that incident, but she could understand how he felt right now. It must be hard on him and he probably feels like he's all alone in this cruel world. Atleast… that was how Mana felt when her mother died and her father took Felicity away. She was all alone in that house… all alone… just remembering these memories filled her heart with a painful sadness.

    Without knowing it Mana had hugged Kilik and tried to comfort him. Just when she opened her eyes and found herself in an awkward position she letted go and glanced at him. Without a blush, because Mana wouldn't know that you couldn't just randomly hug guys. Mana felt a bit restless though, even though after all that happened today… had she made some friends or not?

    "I-I'm sorry about that…" Mana apologized with a withdrawn expression. Like a kitty apologizing for her mistakes. "I… I'm sorry to hear about your parents… but atleast he didn't die, right?" Mana wasn't good at cheering up but she was doing her best. "Also… it's thanksgiving, you shouldn't feel sad! You should make fun with your friends…" Mana smiled a little bit at him. "Your parents wouldn't want to see you sad on a day like this…" Mana ended her short speech.

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