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I walked out of the bathroom, "Not sure what I would do to her." I said, spreading out my sleeping bag. "I'd prefer if nobody in this room shared a bed." I said. "So I'll sleep on the floor." I certainly wasn't going to share with him, I didn't know him. And I don't want those two sharing a bed at all.

"You should go, I somehow doubt you are afraid of danger." His glance at the girl made me think he was scared for her. "If we stay together, it will be less dangerous." I wondered if they would go, I knew the lycan was much more than strong enough, but the girl could've been human for all I knew. And then my mind to Elise, would she be gone tomorrow? I help a pain in my chest again. "Anyways, I would think you would love the chance to fight without getting in trouble, danger aside I'll promise to save both you and her if things get too dangerous." Because my life is not as important as theirs. I thought, Because I'm just a background character.
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