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    Just felt like seeing what's been going on in the club. Welcome to the new members who joined, and congrats to PekoponTAS on shiny Pidgeot, GolurkIsDaBomb on Sandshrew and nizare18 on his secret shiny (wanna know what it is!). Hopefully I get lucky like you guys soon! I haven't found any shinies yet, but I did start a new hunt today in HG for shiny Eevee. Here are the current numbers:

    Dratini - 2855 SRs (SS)
    Piplup - 0 SRs (Platinum)
    Eevee - 25 SRs (HG)

    I'm really hoping my HG Eevee shines quickly, the one I got in SS took over 9000 SRs so I would hope this one doesn't take nearly as long. Also hope to evolve it into Umbreon, it's my favorite eeveelution and the one I wanted the first time around.. but I chose to evolve it into Espeon because it would be better suited for a Timid nature. On top of that, it was female. Now I have my second chance and I'm going for Umbreon again, but I'll evolve Eevee depending on the nature since there are so many options. If it's a neutral nature I might not even evolve it so who knows. I'm gonna put Piplup to the side to hunt casually, I reset the game yet again because the SRs are just way too long and I get frustrated. Professor Rowan running his mouth, Dawn always claiming how she needs to pass when I'm clearly not even in her way... like come on now. But I really want the Piplup so I can finally play in Sinnoh for the first time, so I'll slow grind for it while focusing on the faster hunts.

    Good luck to everyone! *


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