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Originally Posted by BMJ23 View Post
Hey I got a few i was wondering about:

Rocket's Mewtwo 14/132
Wailord ex 100/100
Shining Noctowl 110/105 (3 black stars)
Also I have a reverse holographic japanese charizard

Also maybe a bit off topic but I have about 2000 pokemon cards (150 rares or so) and I was a bit curious as to what I could get for those? I know most arent worth much including probably a lot of the rares but I was still interested. A majority of them are older more around when they first came out.
For Rocket's Mewtwo and Shining Noctowl, it does matter if they are 1st Edition or not.
For the Japanese Charizard, I would like to see a picture as there are several Japanese Charizard cards. Actually, just give me pictures for all 3 of these. Post them as attachments to your next post.

As for the other:

Wailord ex: $20 to $30. Still trying to figure out why it goes for what it does. Kinda baffles me, though some did go as low as $5, just to warn you.

The likelihood is that you'll get at most $120 for selling just the holos, and at most maybe around $150 for the whole thing as one.

Of course, it depends on what your holos are.
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