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She choked on the dust she kicked up as she walked through the cave. There were bodies of waters and rickety bridges, but the cave was empty. It hadn't been touched since what Spark assumed was when Pokemon disappeared. The darkness and dampness of the cave made her feel sick. It was impossible to see, so she just felt around, walking slowly. "If only I could see." She said, her voice echoed through the cave.

Electricity produces light! Plusle said happily.

"It does, doesn't it." Spark held out her hand and charged electricity through the palm of her hand. It gave off a bright, but uncertain light. "I'll lose a lot of energy if I don't get out of here fast." She said, "But it will be much faster now that I can see." On the walls Spark saw writing, some of it was desperate messages on how lost someone was, others where carved in panic messages about the loss of Pokemon. Either way, Spark realized this was a tomb. Without pokemon or electricity nobody could see, and she assumed many of them were trapped in here.

And she would be the next victim.

"I can't think that way, not if I want to leave." She wondered what she would find in here, a tomb untouched by humans for years.
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