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Originally Posted by Damned View Post
Just so I know, is it ok to use my version 15 save with this newer patch? Any special steps I need to take to get it to work? I remember you saying something about saving inside buildings to be safe.
Yes, of course it's ok.
Just make sure that the name of the patched ROM is the same as your saved file, minus the extension name.

Originally Posted by Damned View Post
i found a major glitch. when you go through the seen where you are in the other timeline and you have a really high level pokemon it will glitch and freeze. it pops open your pokemon and if you do anything it will freeze. its right after you stop talking to the shaman. when your supost to talk to the shyman when you wake up. i was going to defeat the vessel too. -__-
...I have no idea what I just read...

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