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Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times. View Post
To be perfectly honest the only real reason I'm using her butt in the signature is because I like how the wrinkles on her skirt came out.
That comment right there is the story of my damn life.

There are so many freaking drawings I have the are ~questionable~ but I use bits and pieces of them for things because I JUST LOVE the way the hair came out or how the clothing looks. Sometimes you just pull off the perfect clothing folds and can't resist using them no matter where they're located lol. Yeah, totally identify with that and couldn't resist bringing it up. ;;

imma write about dero being a pervert in small text! ;p

Anyway, you know what I'd love to see? An artist collab between you and Loki. You two are so talented and I can just, UGH, totally see you guys working on a comic together! I know that's like.. kind of farfetched and silly, but you two are like A&D's little shining digital stars and I'd just die to see what you can do together. :)

Sorry about this stoops post that doesn't even touch on your art. But all I can give is unconditional praise so I decided to give you my other 2 cents instead. ;)
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