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Kilik Chambers - Entei Dorms

It's true that he's alive, though Kilik still wished his parents would've come. Mana does mention that his parents wouldn't want to see him sad. "They can't see me right now, so why bother." Kilik shook it off anyway as he noticed Mana giving him a hug. Kilik isn't used to hugs, so this was an awkward experience for him. He coughed to let Mana know of it. He heard Tentou yawn just now. Is it getting late already? Guess that means Thanksgiving is just about over.

"I reallly should be getting back to my dorm. It's nearly time for bed." Kilik started thinking & began mumbling to himself. I think I might've been slacking off a bit today. There was also the case of the R men. Idea, idea. He looked at Mana once again with that usual expressionless face. "Mind training with me tomorrow? I could use the extra boost."

Tentou was waiting 'til he & Kilik could head back now. He's used up all his energy, he wants to sleep now.

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