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    Madman's 'Home'

    Leon tensed up as he was grabbed, but for the most part he looked bored by Hanso's attempts to intimidated him. "You're not going to hurt me... or us. You know why Gallade? Your sister is quite the chatterbox, she knows just how you would react in a situation like this, and the fact that if you happen to walk just the wrong way... an... accident could happen." The Weavile narrowed his eyes, "So I suggest you take your hands off of me and walk away. Listen to your Salamance friend, he seems to be much smarter than you."
    Rescue Group Adventure

    "Performer schomerers." The Abra stated as he headed down the tunnel. "You may be a fancy mimicker, but what of that Golurk friend of yours? I say he's quite the performer!" The psychic burst into laughter but quickly stopped after a second and moved into a tunnel to the right. "This way again." He headed on into a part of the tunnels without any torches... meaning total darkness to all. "Though I wonder when he might just go boom." The Abra snickered in the shadows.

    La Revolution

    The Sableye cast a glance down at Snype and smirked, "Ah, saw us eh? Well then come taste some medicine!" He sneered. He crackled with laughter while his shadow extended before him, growing at a fast rate until it moved right behind Snype. The Shadow rose up and sliced at Snype's back with shadowy claws. The Ariados glared at Levina, but shot out a Spider Web right at her to slow her down a bit more. The Toxicroak was caught off guard and quickly put up his arms as the Ambipom wailed on him. He fell to a knee as he struggled to take on the powered up monkey, though for the moment all he could do was play defense.