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Hack name: None as of yet

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Additional information about the hack:

Finished percentage: 5% maybe?

Your hacking skills: Wild Battles, Trainer battle (Just since not double battle), Mapping (but not that great)

What help or skill you're looking for: Good mapper, Advanced scripter, title screen maker, Tile Editor might be more

Additional contact information: Pm me or on Youtube my user name there is Strife99 (Pm me if want my email for another contact info)

Additional information: Want to add Hoenn onto a Fire Red Rom but it will be like Kanto in Gold & Silver and you arrive at Slateport City
Pokemon Fire Red Hack
-3rd Gen game
- more rival
- New Tiles
- New Trainer sprites
- New Map for Hoenn (replace Sevii islands)
Finished making the Hoenn & Kanto Gym leaders
Finished making the Hoenn & Kanto Elite four and Champions