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Trio - Basic - Insect

Yana - Pansage - lv 25
Poppo - Pidgeotto - lv 26
Fuu - Cottonee - lv 25
Shizu - Dwebble - lv 22

I fully explored Castelia City for the sake of proper completion of this dumb game and then vaguely hoped I could get through to the Desert Resort to get a Dwebble. But as I suspected, the game forced me to do Plot Advancement before barely even getting out of sight of Castelia. So I wandered off to beat Burgh, but ended up being fored to do even more Plot Advancement before even getting to challenge him. Eventually I did get into the gym and Poppo murdered everyone. Good for her. Beat Bianca and Cheren easily. Started being sneaky around trainers. Got given Dig and taught it to Yana. :D And then caught Shizu up in the Desert Resort! Now to go back and meticulously go over every inch of sand Route 4 and the Resort have to offer.

Zephyr - Hive - Plain

Eliza - Trapinch - lv 21
Baron - Gyarados - lv 21
Andrew - Sandshrew - lv 21
Ira - Nidorino - lv 21
Kenya - Spearow - lv 20 (borrowed from a dude because sidequest)

Thoroughly explored Goldenrod because I am meticulous like that and still fully explore every city every time even on Emerald which I have played like once a year since it came out. At least. I got a bike, a blue card, a coin case, and various other things. Breezed through Whitney's gym- holy crap Baron was unstoppable and basically took out everyone in there except for the few I let Ira have. I got cried at and given a badge. Then I got given a squirt bottle. Yay. We can get Kenya to that other dude on Rt 31 now. Why couldn't she just fly?
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