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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    How 'bout more recovery moves? Like Slack Off, Recovery, Moonlight, etc, I feel like there totally could be a lot more than what we already have given they're given to only limited Pokemon.
    Hooray I'm back on the forum! I haven't really visited as of lately because of other plans in my life.
    *Ahem* Anyway, I like the idea of a recovery move that works in a sandstorm, it shall be named:

    'Earth Recovery'.
    Hey, it was the only name I could think of, don't judge me! Earth Recovery is a similar version of the move moonlight, it heals 3/4 of the user's HP in a sandstorm, 1/2 HP in normal weather, and 1/4 when it is raining or hailing. This move would probably bring Tyranitar up into the Uber leagues though...

    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    Really looking forward to a move that let's the Pokemon remove it's own ability. Slaking/Regigigas/and Arechops would be pretty scary if they can learn it.
    I think a move that would permanently suppress a Pokemon' ability would be too extreme, what if you wanted that ability back (not that anyone wants truant, slow start or defeatist, but still)? I think it would make more sense if there was a held item that would disable the user' ability while it is holding it, and the ability would activate again if the item was taken off.
    This would make sure that Slaking wouldn't be too overpowered, because the held item that suppresses its ability would prevent it from holding a choice band or sumfin'.
    Archeops is a very powerful pokemon, except the only thing letting it down is its ability, if Archeops holds this item he will be almost unstoppable. Imagine how powerful Archeops would be if it used head smash without the defeatist ability!
    Even better, what if there was a person in-game that could swap 2 of your Pokemon's ability - for a high price, of course. Swap abilitys so that Archeops has the ability Rock Head, he he heee .
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