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Hey there! I'd love to join the club!

Name: Zorogami
Partners: Ghastly and Duskull

Ghosts. Why: Ghosts wander between worlds and dimensions. They connect our world with the after life, and are able to see amazing things we can't even imagine. Ghosts can be playful and hilarious, even cute at times, but they should never be underestimated. They can trick people and lure them into dark places they will never get out of...they are very powerful and dangerous. Ghost Pokemon would be amazing partners to have with you!

Current Topic: What are your Partners like
Ghastly and Duskull are both Ghosts, but have very different personalities. Ghastly is very confident and brave, he loves to prank random people, and sometimes even his own trainer. He loves to laugh and have fun, but he can get angry really fast if you try to prank him. Duskull on the other hand is more of a timid nature. He likes to hide from people and sees Ghastly as his protector. He trusts Ghastly and likes to play with him. Although he is timid, Duskull will always step up for his friend and trainer and protect them from any harm, even if he puts himself in danger doing so!
They are both very loyal and helpful, but still Ghosts, that can deceit and play tricks on you

~ Anything for my Nakama ~