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I'd love to join please!

Username: Zorogami
Partner Pokemon: Torchic!!
Pokemon Nickname:

Reason for joining: Hoenn introduced some of the coolest Pokemon ever!

Answer the current topic: What is it about Hoenn Pokemon that you think makes them unique?
I think all the Hoenn Pokemon have really cool design. I also love how they introduced many new Type Combos, like Fire/fighting, Flying/Grass, Ground/Psychic, and so on. The pokemon all look very original and different from the previous Gens.

Apparently that was an old "current" topic, so here the new one:
What did you like in the third Generation that you don't find in the other Generations?
This can be found in other Gens too, but i loved how Hoenn introduced different weather for the different regions of the game, how sometimes it would rain, a sand storm in the desert and such. Plus i thought Dive was really cool, had so much fun finding the underwater ruins!

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