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Originally Posted by Valtor View Post

Well.. I don't know a Japan language but I had to watch this just because of Charizard.

So could you please send me into PM or here if Ash wanted Charizard to stay with him and travell with him ?

Yeah, Charizard's staying, Unfezant went to Ookido's lab.
Charizard's probably gonna stay just through N's arc or to the Island arc but once Best Wishes is over, he'll surely come back to Valley.

Originally Posted by pokemanmdj View Post
I really want to watch this episode. With Charizard coming back and the battle against Iris' Dragonite sounds really neat.

I'm sure there's a place where they've added subtitles and I can understand what's going on.
Well... PMs released the Sangi Ranch episode but did not release the previous one, so you will have to wait...
I would advise to see it if you are really interested There's no complicated dialogue anywhere
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