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It's a better way of approaching the issue than Eisner did, yes. Eisner always seemed like he went a bit crazy in his later years XD

They see the box office returns of Wreck It Ralph and Tangled over Princess and the Frog or Winnie the Pooh. They weren't flops (like Treasure Planet or Home on the Range were), but they weren't as successful as they could have or should have been. And, at least from what is officially announced, Disney's next two big animated films will be computer animated.

Regardless, I don't think it is over. Fairly sure Disney secured the rights to the Mort Discworld novel a few years back and that is slated to be in traditional animation (although not officially announced yet). Also, Iger is temporary. He is leaving... around 2015 or so likely. He may put these projects on hold right now, but Lasseter and Catmull will still be there. They're constant and they will continue to pitch hand drawn stuff to the next guy.

And I hope something good comes out of Paperman. Some feature length film in that hybrid look hopefully.

Also, I don't think the Mickey ones are all going to be cheap Toon Boom stuff. Isn't Pixar working on a Mickey Mouse/Roger Rabbit short? I can't believe they'd take that approach to it.
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