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Originally Posted by AlphaZephyr View Post
How do you get gligar or gliscor?
Gligar is normally Pokémon #207 in the National Dex. Due to imports from 4th and 5th Gen. in this hack, some had to be removed.

Pokémon #207 in the Zhery and Lauren regions is Froslass. Which, in the current version, is not catchable. I've incorporated a catch spot for it on a future update.

Naturally, this means Gliscor is also absent.

I've actually just started working on an index of Pokémon catch locations, coincidentally. Once I finish Zhery myself, I will jump ahead into Lauren using AdvanceMap and see if I can find other locations. I want to be careful to avoid listing areas that are in the hack but not visitable in-game.

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