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    Ahhhh I completely forgot about posting in this club! It was the new album which reminded me to do so - I especially love "Carne Vale" and "Eternity Served Cold" the best!

    Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    Good thing about deaths in Homestuck is that the characters don't really entirely leave the story when they die. xD
    Yes! I love that part - it's especially funny when you get to different kinds of deaths.

    Who's your favorite Homestuck pair? ♥♦♣♠ * This includes all former pairs *

    No lie :p

    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    AHA! So it was Gamzee raising Caliborn/Calliope after all. Wanna bet he spent three years there? What I don't understand is Gamzee's chronology. He was on the meteor with the others, clearly, since he developed that creepy kismessistude with Terezi (it makes me shudder and I'm not sure if I like or hate it) but WHEN is he doing all this other stuff? Like, he is already in the B2 universe interacting with the alpha kids, so when did he go there?

    Maybe he is traveling on the meteor just like Karkat and the rest, and enters the B2 session just like they do, and then somehow there he ascends to godhood (I have no idea how that could be possible though, since he shouldn't have a quest bed there...) and then he borrows Aradia's or Damara's time devices and hops through time somehow, doing all the shenanigans we have already seen.
    Yeah, Gamzee's a bit of a funky one.
    I don't remember too clearly, but I've seen a screencap of Terezi finding Aradia's music boxes in a walkaround flash - so presumably, when Gamzee and Terezi were together, he took them from her (or she gave them to him or something).
    He probably got into the Alpha kids' session the same way that Karkat and co. are now, and probably zipped around that timeline to get to Jane and Dirk. How he got into the Cherub's session I'm not too sure, but we know that an Earth is going to be transported there, so I figure he might have something to do with that.
    As for his godhood, I'm not even sure if he IS a godtier at all... when he was shot by Caliborn, it was revealed that his wings were fake - but this IS Gamzee, and I don't think we can say either way. (Though I think if he did Godtier, it would be when Jack Noir blew up the trolls' Prospit and Derse).
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