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To speed up EV training you will want to make use of Power items and Pokerus. Power items give 4 bonus EVs of a certain stat, and then Pokerus doubles it. So basically it turns 1 EV gain into 10 (2[1+4]), 2 into 12 EVs (2[2+4]), or 3 into 14 (2[3+4]). Along with Vitamins, this will only require about 10-15 kills per stat (if maxing at 252) depending on desired spread.

You can buy Power items for 16 BP each at PWT or the Subway, and Vitamins in the same manner for 1 BP each or through buying them in bulk with a high level mart in Join Avenue.
^EV training location guide for BW2 written by PC member Gonz0.

Once you get the hang of it, it will only take a few minutes to finish EV training something!
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