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Okay, I have a few things I'm going to have to nitpick here.

-Try and space out everything and add some more detail to your history. I get the boxing is part of him but lets aim for a little more info on his battling.

This is more directed at everyone but you should take note of it also. We need to have less of a focus on analysis/intelligence. Whilst those are important aspects with both me and Henderson playing talented thinkers and the others mentioning smarts in their characters to a degree I think it would be unwise for us all to keep making these characters or the RP will become boring. So firstly, to all newcomers, try to branch out more and secondly, to Kanea, you may want to include that whilst he always has a plan he is not super smart or something. This isn't a problem with your character it is just I'd like some more versatility in the RP if it is possible.
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