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    I have no complaints about the move sets because all our Pokemon are equipped with egg moves. I'm still working on ideas for the dream yard as that slowly moves into play. So is the gym battle going to be a triple battle or one on one? We need to find a way to get more active people signed up too. If it's only us this thread could die again.

    You have been denied access to the gym until you go and train in the Dreamyard. Once you pass through the passageway you are mysterious transformed into a child again and are now the same size of your starter Pokemon. A mysterious voice tells you the trial has begun. In order to complete the trial and receive your elemental monkey, you must first find the pink Pokemon Munna and have it lift the curse. While the trial seems easy it won't be. Defending Munna are Purrlions and Patrats and also the elemental monkey that is same Elena as your starter. Only once you have defeated the monkey that represents your element and have lift the curse can you say you have passed the trial. Leading you to be one step closer to connecting with your legendary Pokemon. Legit?
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