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I'm all for the idea of more moves that have alternate functions in trips. However, I feel like if they're only useful in them, then that's a problem. We were given one of the best physical flying moves in the game last generation, Acrobatics, which was designed to be a trips move. However, it has a ton of merit in single battles thanks to its other side effect that doubles its base power if you're not holding an item. Fling Gliscor? Yes Please. Well...mid BW anyway.

If they decide to make moves that exclusively cater to trips though, I won't be happy. Very few people even like them enough. I feel like Triple Battles remove any sensibility one has when battling and makes them make rash decisions because they realize they have to get through commands for three pokemon. It's just a cluster..butt.

Anyway, in terms of a Sandstorm recovery move, I can see a Rock-type move that works like a reverse-erosion type thing. I don't know what it would be called though. It should be a rather exclusive move though. Pokemon like Hippowdon already have recovery moves and if they had one that is more than 50% in Sandstorm, that would make stall teams ridiculously strong.

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