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    Evidence of two things: that the author knows what they're doing, and they're enjoying themselves doing it. It doesn't matter what genre they're working in or what style of writing they're using, but it lifts my heart to see someone who knows their way around a story weaving a narrative on a page. Plot, characterisation and the rest might play a part too, but to a much lesser degree; if someone really loves what they do, it comes through in what they produce and it's just wonderful to partake of.

    Other than that, I'm always up for a really good alternate reality - one where everything functions perfectly according to its own rules, and where placenames, organisations, politics and the rest all seem plausible while at the same time being very different from their real-world equivalents.

    Weirdness is good too, if done right. I do like a nice bit of weirdness, whether the 'Lovecraftian cosmic horror' type or the more informal 'bit odd' sort.


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