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    Originally Posted by TweenyTodd View Post
    Is there an offset for the current location of the player?
    The (X,Y) coordinates I mean.
    I believe that there is a script command that gets this info, it is like "getplayerlocation" or something. Hit F1 in XSE and scroll through the commands. I will also go see where the exact location in the ram is in case you need this for an ASM routine.

    Originally Posted by thethethethe's Rom Hacking Resource
    getplayerpos, getplayerxy:
    Stores the players current x and y positions on the current map.
    Hex Structure: [42] [xxyy] [aabb]
    xxyy: Variable for x position
    aabb: Variable for y position
    Edit2: In case you need it:

    X-value is at 020255A0
    Y-value is at 020255A2

    (Found using VBA's "Search for Cheats" function. Quite the amazing thing.)

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