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    Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
    This is the Pokeroms.ini record for BPRE
    Name            = Pokémon Fire Red (E)
    Language        = 0 'English! WOO!
    TrainerData     = &H23EAF1
    TrainerClasses  = &H23E558
    MonsterNames	= &H144
    ItemNames       = &H3DB028
    AttackNames     = &H247092 
    TrainerPics     = &H23957C
    TrainerPals     = &H239A1C
    TrainerPicCount = 147
    MonsterPics     = &H2350AC
    MonsterPals     = &H23730C
    MonsterPicCount = 440
    MapHeaders      = &H5524C
    Maps            = &H55194
    MapLabels       = &H3F1CAC
    RomType         = 1
    WorldMap        = kantomap.bmp
    HomeLevel       = &H0300
    AttackTable     = &H25D7B4
    AttackNameList  = &H2470A1
    SpriteBase      = &H3A3BB0
    SpriteColors    = &H36D828
    SpriteNormalSet = &H3A379C
    SpriteSmallSet  = &H3A3748
    SpriteLargeSet  = &H3A37F0
    FontGFX         = ???       <--- I need THE Tut doesn't specify
    FontWidths      = ???       <--- I need
    MusicList       = fr_songs.txt
    The tut doesn't specify which is FontGFX and which is FontWidths.
    I can't do the method in the tut because I dont know how to fix the image I exported.
    Okay, well the FontGFX would just be the location of the graphics for the fonts.

    Originally Posted by Hackrex
    1F5DF0, 201FF0, 212308, 222620

    One Offset for Help Menu
    One for Ingame
    One for Intro
    One for Town Names, I think
    Now, I don't know about font width. This is either how many pixels wide a letter is, or how long the entire font is in total.

    The largest letter I can see is the arrow and it has a width of 8 px. Try putting in 8 for the FontWidths. If that doesn't work, look at another game's ini sections and try what is labeled there. If it is an offset, find out what that offset is and find an equivilant one in FireRed.

    By the way, in the tut, he is fixing the image simply by moveing the two halves of the letters together. The top and bottoms are split apart, so it makes it easier to edit if you out them back together.

    Just checking on the intro thing; you did see Knizz's post in R&D, correct?

    Edit: Also give 12 a try for the width. I just saw somthing that said GBA 12x12 font, might be what you are looking for.

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