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    Wolf Pops' complaint wasn't heard by the distracted half-elf, ready to try her hand at a ranged attack. To her dismay though, she lacked the skills to propel a blade of wind through the air, or to even generate a blade of wind in the first place. It was a dud, and it landed her on her ass.

    "You remember what I said before about doing stupid things?" Wolf Pops angrily lectures Xeye, taking her by surprise as her body is suddenly taken into the air from the highman gripping her shirt, which is barely a shirt at all to begin with.

    In fact, his hand grips her along the top rim of her shirt, gradually causing her bosom to sink towards the bottom rim of her garment, nearly exposing her bust during her confrontation with Wolf Pops.

    "Well this would probably constitute as something stupid. Don't pull that kind of sh*t again, especially when we're trying to get the jump on someone!"

    Her response is a wide, childish grin, doing her best to relax the situation. "S-sorry!"

    She giggles for several seconds, embarrassed by the failure of her technique. Despite Wolf Pops' uncanny knack for instilling intimidation in anyone, Xeye merely laughs off his words as if the words were mere jests. Perhaps she's too brave or carefree to feel intimidation, but most observers would probably suspect the reason lies in her thought capacity. Nonetheless, the highman makes his point and drops the small woman onto the green earth just before her breasts can fall out from under her slim, belly-exposing shirt.

    Over the next minute or so, the group watches their lone archer go to town on the bandits on guard. Adjusting her shirt back into the proper position, Xeye pucks her lips and folds her arms, pouting like a toddler over the ordeal. One might not even take her expression seriously given how absurd she looks, considering she's a grown woman and not a small child. For an obnoxious young half-elf, however, what she looks like is a lesser matter compared to her expression of discontent. Bow Lady is doing the job she wants to do, but because she messed up, she has to sit and watch. Unfortunately, her previously perky attitude is replaced with a constantly sour, over-exaggerated frown displaying her state of discontent and being horribly outclassed.

    "Come on," Wolf Pops gestures to the group after Bow Lady finishes her work. Xeye, still pouting, finds her feet slower than the others and sourly trails the group as they approach the fort to investigate its contents. As they wander up to the door, Wolf Pops takes the lead and examines the fort cautiously before returning his focus to the rest of the group. "Let's split up and check on the bodies real quick. Make sure they're dead. See if we can salvage anything useful off of their bodies."

    Spilling into the fort to investigate, the mercenaries scatter their presence throughout the fort's outside, turning over the freshly slain and collecting data or just looting them outright. Xeye, contorting frown and all, trudges inside, slightly hunching over while her arms are still folded below her breasts.

    "That... jerk..." she sourly turns her lip up at Wolf Pops whose ascending a case of stairs to investigate the fallen bandits. "Stupid... dummy! Why can't I do stuff? That... meany..."

    Nonetheless, she begins wandering the fort on her own, scouring around for data or unslain bandits. And she finds one. Sleeping. Drool trickling down the side of his plump cheeks, his snore cracks through the air loudly, throwing Xeye to her rear with a yelp in shock.

    "A fat guy!" notices the half-elf, pushing herself back up to an erect stance. Approaching the slumbering oaf, she takes a few quick strides in his direction only for the visage of grumpy, gruff Wolf Pops to interrupt her actions, bringing her to a sharp stop.

    "Oh, yeah... right. -Quietly-..." reminding herself stubbornly, still mad at Wolf Pops. Unfortunately, sneaking around despite what her figure might suggest is far from her specialty. She carries around two relatively large axes for a reason. Xeye slips on a loose stone underfoot just as she finds herself before the man.

    "Wo-woa-woah!" she wobbles back in forth, struggling back and forth to maintain her balance. Instead, however, her body hurdles towards the sleeping bandit's beer belly, slamming into his gut hard face first.

    "YIIEEEEEEEEAAAOOOOOOWW!!!" the man roars awake after taking an accidental blow to his belly. He hastily stands himself up against the stone wall he was sleeping against, glancing down at the mysterious thing that woke him up. On the floor, Xeye's face is planted on the rock hard cobblestones of the fort's surface. The bandit's sudden erection left the poor girl's face to fall off of the man's bouncy belly, smacking into the stone hard surface beneath her.

    "O-OWWWWWHH!!" she bellows in agony, scrambling on the ground as her hands reach for her face. "It HUUUUURTS!"

    "Wha- what the -HELL-!?" the startled man loudly confronts the woman, "What are others doing here!?"

    Without hesitation, he pulls out his scimitar from its sheath and thrusts his arm upwards, aiming his blade's edge for the woman's neck. The sharp weapon barrels down towards the ailing woman, optimizing his opportunity to take her out. With impeccable speed, the blade crashes into the stone ground before him, creating a loud clank that reverberates across the fort. The man's eyes widen in shock, finding his victim vacant from the area that she was laying across moments earlier. Goosebumps race up the man's neck in an instant, his head smacking into the cold stone wall behind him. His neck begins to permeate a thin line of red fluid that quickly begins to build up and flood down over the man's tunic. The bandit's eyes are stuck wide open, frozen in the position as his life has just been snuffed out. Moments later, his body stumbles onto the ground, motionless as gravity claims his body.

    "Awh, what!? It works -NOW- but not earlier? That's lame..." Xeye complains, inspecting her axe and her kill, slowly approaching the man's downed body and kicking him over so that she can inspect the corpse.

    Earlier, she managed to spot the woken bandit's attack, rolling over to her right and speedily finding her feet all whilst withdrawing her right axe from its latch. With a quick, reactionary swing, her weapon hacked through the air in an arc aimed at the bandit. Before he even had a chance to notice, the blade of wind executed the man silently, unbeknownst to him.

    "This guy's got some pricey stuff!" Xeye claims loudly to her companions, digging through his belongings, sometimes in very questionable places. Pieces of gold, a half eaten sandwich, various emblems and trinkets that meant nothing to the unsuspecting half-elf, and even a map and a lengthy letter Xeye finds, throwing them to her side before she finishes her work. By then though, the remaining mercenaries have gathered around a large doorway at the center of the fort.

    "This must be the way in," alerts Wolf Pops as the doorway opens.

    Xeye hurriedly gathers up the loot and stuffs it into the animal-hide sack tucked over her shoulder with a strap, tossing the man's sandwich aside after grimacing towards it with disgust. The young half-breed speeds along, turning the corner to her right and finds herself back in the company of her allies. Just arriving, they begin to head inside the dark passageway. Xeye sheaths her axe and promptly follows them, only to be stopped by those in front of her as Wolf Pops pauses, turning his attention to the mercenaries behind him. Her leg collides with Furface's short stature, smacking into his rear and bringing her foot right up into his nether-regions, effectively assaulting them with a clumsy foot. Yet again Xeye's ass collides with the ground, this time being a much harder landing due to the stone ground.

    "Yie-ow!!" she yelps, leaning over to her left while her right hand reaches back to rub her ailing rear end.

    "Remember what we're here for: the girl. Weapons up, eyes and ears open. And for the gods' sake, try not to alert every damn bastard in there that we're here," Wold Pops promptly and sternly reminds the group, but lending special attention to the absentminded half-elf at the party's rear, giving her an especially cold glare to be sure his point is made.

    Xeye's eyes soon fall upon the highman's glare just as he begins to retract it and continues down the dark passage. Her face immediately contorts, eyebrows drooping and angling while her lips pucker and her arms fold across each other. "Meany-head..."

    The mercenaries nonetheless descend down into the dungeon. Wolf Pops grabs a torch off of the wall and stops the company before they continue. "Xeye. Light this," he motions to her coldly.

    "Hrmph..." she grunts quietly to herself, dragging her resistant soles across the dank dungeon path up to Wolf Pops and the torch. Her eyes scan the torch's surface, observing the terribly aged item she's supposed to light. In fact, it appears to be on the verge of complete disintegration into nothing but a memory. Hopefully it would be adequate enough to illuminate the way until their business in the fort is complete.

    Xeye's right hand reaches out over the torch, scraping the surface of it where her fingers meet the ignitable area. Lifting her hand slightly into the air above the torch, her index finger begins to slide quickly across the surface of her thumb. In very little time at all, sparks begin to fly from her hands in a display of an otherwise abnormal circumstance for the average person. After the fifth try, a small inferno erupts around her palm, setting aflame the torch... and also Xeye's arm.

    "OOOH! HOT, HOT!!" she yelps, quickly creating an o-shape with the digits on her left hand, blowing into the finger-hole strongly to put out the fire. Fortunately, her magical attributes can also act as damage control, whisking away the flames across her hand near-instantly before serious bodily harm can develop.

    With their light source set, the gang continues down into the dark dungeon for several minutes, moving along cautiously and quietly. Sour Apple split from the group at a fork in the path per Wolf Pops' orders. Naturally, Xeye worries little of the fate of their often-drunk red-headed companion. She glances down the path Apple takes, stumbling with every few steps but catches herself. Xeye giggles quietly to herself, amused by the woman's demeanor.

    "She's funny!"

    The mercenaries continue along deep into the dungeon with one less person to face any threat down the line. Not that it matters much to Xeye, who tries to stifle her agonizing boredom, running her fingers along the creases between the stone walls before finding sharp edges that force her to retract her fingers and suck on them to alleviate her pain. Routinely, she cocks her head way back, glancing up, around and behind her to check for something interesting. Trudging along with nothing to do, the girl begins to grow dreadfully bored.

    "Does anyone want to carry me? I think I could..." she yawns, interrupting her request, "Use a nap... Y'know, until we find these bad guys we're supposed to beat up..."

    However, new sounds begin to reach her ears. The sound of men shouting, echoing faintly throughout the dungeon towards their location is heard. The crew naturally hastens their pace, reinvigorated by their closing in on their targets. This news gives Xeye a much needed second wind as well, causing her face to light up with a gleeful smile, one of excitement.

    "Yay!" she blurts quietly in the back, skipping along with eager abandon, anxious for action.
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