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    Astrid closed up after Allora finished speaking. It was a depressing story - the one Allora had told; it made Astrid think back on her own loss: the loss of her partner Echo. "I'm sorry for your loss, Allora," said the Lilligant, "You know, this war has ripped so many from us. All in an unforgiving manner." Astrid flashed a smile to the Ninetales then patted her on the shoulder, as if reassuringly. "We'll persevere through this, I assure you. You have me and I'm sure, now, that you have Paladin as well."

    After her speech Astrid returned to her own dwellings, rumbling her vine-like hand around inside the satchel counting medicines and checking herbs for age. If there was a battle soon she'd need to be prepared to fight, treat wounds and save lives. It was her job after all as the cleric. Not only could Astrid end a life, she could save them all the same, if not better. The Lilligant was proud of her developing abilities - all of which learned from many hardships and serving as a doctor for several villages. The tunnel was quiet, Allora had hopefully lightened up and all was safe... for now.