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Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

Accatosh looked at at Weavle, this Weavle was trouble... "there will be no accidents... understand... because if anything happens to any member of the Gold Tribe, we wouldn't want any accidents to happen to such a BOLD warrior as yourself now would we?" Accatosh said in a tone that was both mocking and menacing. Accatosh let the Weavle get his message, and walked back to where he previously was, with the Golduck, Penance and his group to finish planning. Accatosh's mind started pondering the Golurk... he seemed familiar... like how there was a slight light of fear in his eyes... odd... Accatosh decided that he would have to watch their new Gold Tribe Golurk more closely... that Golurk had the same title as his former mentor... but there was no way he could be THAT Paladin.