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Julia Blackwood - Abandoned Mill
Slight alarm spread across Julia's features as Shadoan explained his situation. He was... where doing what now? "I'm--um... I'm in an abandoned mill. I went off on my own." she explained in a rather hurried manner, glancing over at Mello briefly. "We got lost in a cave--I'm honestly not sure I can find my way back. What did you find..?" she asked, rather confused as to what could be so interesting to her to warrant a phone call in the middle of an emergency situation. She silently hoped he wasn't calling her because he didn't plan to live through this chase--That'd suck, to say the least. Sensing that Mello had shifted over her shoulder, Julia reached her free hand up and lightly tickled at the pokemon with her pointer finger in an absent-minded manner, attempting to entertain her. She wasn't entirely used to having pokemon out of their balls around... Come to think of it, she had to wonder whether she should introduce Mello to one of her own pokeballs--It served as a layer of protection if nothig else, right?

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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