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    Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
    >Search Garbage on the floor
    Although not the safest idea, you do it anyway. Reaching down and picking up the shining object you smile brightly as you learn the risk was very well worth it. You pull up a can of Pokemon Food, apparently dropped by some unfortunate shopper. You love the stuff, it's cheap, easy to bake, and it has a good amount of your daily servings of meat. It finally felt good to get a job though, even if it was one as low-paying as this one. They'll pay you extra if you bring back a Ghost Pokemon. You pocket the can for a later dinner.

    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    > Pickpocket the sleeping man, he is probably not asleep at all but stalking you!
    You crack your knuckles real quickly and carefully pass by Plump, who is busy attempting to figure out how her shadow keeps outmaneuvering her. Swiftly, you duck your hand into the sleeping man's coat, grabbing something and pulling out. You hold a lighter before you, a quick flick confirms it is still working. You pocket it, recalling something about flames turning blue when ghosts are near.

    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    > You hunger for chips. Tell the Bus Driver that you will be satisfied.


    There's no need to defend yourself. I don't expect I'm the first person to decide to write a story in this way, nor even the first person to make it a bit of a dark one. There are a great many other people who liked Zork and Thy Dungeonman even more than I did, I daresay, and I'm sure one or more of them made a story in the same vein of mine before I did.

    Point two: A Smell of Petroleum Prevails Throughout is a horror story? Wow. Seriously, I had no idea people considered it one. I always thought it was more of a black comedy - or perhaps other people don't find such ridiculously overblown horror as funny as I do. Actually, that would explain a lot more than just Petroleum, now I come to think about it.

    Also (and it pains me to admit this) but I've neither played nor seen a single entry in the Silent Hill franchise. My horror references are all from that stalwart lantern-jawed favourite, H. P. Lovecraft.

    Anyway, enough of my rambling. Good luck with your story! I hope you do well.

    How convenient, your bus stop is up. You walk past the driver, grabbing a handful of chips and eating them. Plump instinctively follows, doing the same.
    Stolen food: 1 of 10
    He shouts after you but you pay him no mind as a few others enter the bus. You are now at the bus stop. Someone has left a suitcase behind. The Mansion is to the north.

    OOC: Evil Dead was a horror comedy, and it's still known as one of the scariest films out there. Ditto for Braindead/Dead Alive, but that's neither here nor there. Thanks for the words of encouragement and I love your story. Good luck!
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