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Alexial: Oh gosh, thank you! You're too kind haha-- I have indeed been working on male faces! My friends are all sticklers on male characters looking like men and not teenaged metrosexuals, so it's a necessity for me. I'm definitely trying to mix the western anime look though, to achieve that end, so I'm super glad you noticed! ;7;

Ahaha, yeahhhh.... I need to draw something pokemon related, but gosh I think I fell out of pokemon nearly 5 years ago. I'm pretty sure I wasn't even into pokemon for the last 3 years I was really active here! I'll try to put something out though, something related to pokemon.... maybe a gijinka?

Pokestick: WHY HAVEN'T I SEEN YOU EITHER??? Omg give me some time to get off my ass-- I gotta comment on your gallery soon! But oh gosh thank you so much! Hair is definitely my favorite thing to draw-- but coloring it is a whole different story hahaha! And my theory is the lack of pokemon on a... pokemon forum LOL

Ahhh thanks again for the wonderful words of encouragement guys! ////


So for the first time since like, 2010~ish, I decided to dabble a little in Photoshop and make a tag. I'd been idly sifting through Derozio's gallery after getting this lovely icon, and I just felt this itch I needed to scratch.

But.... uh........ yeah, it's been a really long time so cut me some slack. o<-<

My affinity for 100px height tags hasn't gone away over time, it seems. :'P
this is a one time thing though, I probably won't touch gfx for another 3 years LOL o<-< one step forward, two steps back
I have so much gift art to finish /wheeze
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