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Let's say that one day, you had a ship and you were sailing, it was a rough storm, however, and your ship sunk, leaving you in the ocean. Fortunately, you find an island, so you swim there. But alas, you get stranded there. So now, you have to think: you need shelter, food, and maybe a way to ask for help, because the snacks at your backback weren't going to last long. Fortunately, this is a tropical island of sorts, so you see lots of trees that have an endless supply of fruits (just assume your never going to run out). You also have three pokemon with you, but, its too far for your pokemon to fly to civilization, nor teleport because you forgotten them at home.

Anyways, which pokemon which three Pokemon would be with you? What roles would they play?

But try to avoid using your pokemon to surf or fly, or teleport, and... let's be more.. original? :)

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