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Kion Gavin - Mall

"O-oh...the white hair?" Gavin scratched his head as he did. "Yeah, about that...I'm trying to delve into the art of Spiritual Magic. They say that the color white symbolizes purity, and that sin is black as night. As such, I figured that such a balance must be achieved before I can actually get anywhere." He didn't know if that's what he actually believed, but he didn't have much knowledge of spiritual magic save for minor details in mostly unrelated grimoires, zen research articles that his mother often read, and the media. As such, most of his knowledge was rather cliche or invented. "...but I don't know if I'll be able to 'blow you up'," Gavin looked down at his glove, "not with this thing, and I can't risk taking it off and using magic for the sake of training, it might kill you."

He stopped and thought. "Then again..." A cold, evil grin started to form on Gavin's face. "There was a Spiritual spell I tried earlier today. Maybe I can mix in some destructive magic and bypass this glove's sealing ability. Something of a Spiritual Destructive magic fusion; don't know if there's a name for it." Gavin had half a mind to say something like "Spiructive magic" or "Destrual magic", but he held off on it, knowing how stupid they'd sound. "So I'll help you out. Right now." Gavin distanced himself from Allister and started to move his left foot back in a slow, sliding motion. He cupped his hands and moved him to his right side. "This is the only Spiritual spell that I have experience with, so don't laugh, okay?" He took a few deep breaths with his mouth and then with his nose. He knew he couldn't good and well call the spell by its normal name if it was given a Hellish twist, so he improvised on the spot.

"Rai..." (/R I/, Japanese for "lightning") Gavin started, a ball of bluish-white energy starting to form in his cupped hands. "Me..." the seal on the glove started to grow, it was trying to staunch the destructive magic activity that was struggling to free itself from the demon's body. However, as Gavin theorized, because of the mix between the Spiritual and Destructive magic, and given that the glove had no mind of it's own, it couldn't distinguish between the two and tried to staunch both. The reason this was a good thing was because, depending on the level (and type) of the sealing apparatus, the seal would only hold back a certain capacity of magic. If the capacity was met, all excess magic would be released normally (hence why Gavin was able to use magic so easily with his weaker sealing glove). As a result, the magic that was not held back would obviously be weaker than if one were not using a sealing object at all, regardless of the case. The reason this was favorable for Gavin was because Spiritual Magic didn't draw from the same source (Magic was drawn from various sources of energy, each different depending on the type of mage, and Spiritual Magic was drawn from Ki, a force that supposedly existed in all beings), and as such, he would be able to distribute the magics enough that he could use spells without exerting unbearable amounts of energy.

"Ha..." Electricity started to emanate from the ball of energy and spread as time leapt forward. "Me...You better be ready, because its coming your way!" Gavin's hands started to shake from the static snapping at his arms and the pressure building up in his palms. Then, he jutted out his cupped hands towards Allister and yelled, "Haaaaa!!" The ball of energy shot out towards Allister in the form of a beam. Gavin was unsure as to what it was that Allister was trying to test, but he prayed that it would work.
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