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    First off, Ninjask needs an item over Choice Scarf clearly since it locks you into a single move which is really not good for something like Ninjask now. Focus Sash or Leftovers should do the trick while changing the nature to Impish and giving it this moveset.

    Baton Pass
    Swords Dance
    X-Scissor (To prevent being Taunt bait.)

    Cloyster should also have a Naive nature along with a Life Orb with this moveset. It's also a monster with the Skill Link ability.

    Shell Smash
    Icicle Spear
    Rock Blast
    Surf/Hydro Pump

    And for Landorus I'd replace Sludge Wave and Psychic with HP Ice and Stone Edge. A Naive nature also helps making it faster.

    Sorry the post was so small but I hope it helps, gl dude.