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    Evan Lee Gildred

    “Oh my gods no, I can’t take your bed, that would be far too much of an imposition on your hospitality. I would never dream of kicking one of my hosts to the cold, hard floor.” He shuffled around and looked at the two boys who seemed to take part in endless bickering. How were these two ever going to survive as roommates? Surely, they would end up killing each other. “I’m just going to go get ready for bed.” Gesturing towards the bathroom, he started that way before stopping and facing them once again. “Can you two not kill each other while I’m gone? Please?”

    Eva shut the bathroom door behind him with a firm thunk and looked at himself in the mirror. The day’s events had certainly taken its toll on his appearance. Taking off his jacket and boots, he stored them neatly in the corner and went about washing his face. The cool water of the sink washed away all his collective worry that had pooled on his petite features, helping him feel fresh and rejuvenated once more. While he was going about his business, his mind dwelled on the day ahead. His now long forgotten homework and the encounter with Oz. He didn’t know what he was going to do if everybody insisted on confronting the wizard. A fight was not something that he enjoyed the idea of. In fact, it was the last thing he wanted. What good would he be anyway? Wouldn’t he just be a liability in the end? He knew that couldn’t fight with his fists and trying to hide what he was, severely limited using his ability in public. But what about his friends? Could he really stand by and watch them march off to their potential death and stand idly by? Sensei, Solo, Ashling and Gavin. Just a few of the ones in his class that he actually knew better than the rest. Not to mention the countless others who he didn’t know at all, but who were still cherished by somebody somewhere in the world.

    Reaching up and letting down his hair, he looked at himself once again in the mirror, hardly recognizing the person he was anymore. Not in a physical sense, that looked the same. But the person in that mirror was not that same person he saw this morning. There was a lot of growth to go around for one day of school. It was awkward, when he thought about it of course. In the bathroom of two other guys’ dorm room, getting ready for bed. He couldn’t help but start laughing. It was like something out of a manga or anime, just with a lot less fan service and more reality. Returning back to the room, his long hair flowing behind him like a veil, he sat on the edge of Frio’s bed and looked in the boy’s direction, but not directly at him.

    “I uh, don’t think I’m going to go to the graveyard. I kind of agree with Solo...” Clearing his throat he shifted on the bed and twirled his hair around his right index finger. It was something he did when he was thinking or uncomfortable. Something for his body to do absentmindedly and his hair was the perfect analog. “Nobody should be going, you included.”
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