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I thought that FRLG were flawed masterpieces. They certainly do a great job of recreating the region and presenting it in a way that feels very nostalgic. However, it does seem like they could have done more to bring it up to modern standards. I personally think that the absence of the ability to evolve national mons without the national dex was rather silly, but I am glad that it wasn't implemented in HGSS. It does seem like they could have done more to flesh out the story more, maybe explain more of why Giovanni is doing what he's doing, and even include more involvement in the story by Prof Oak. The strictness of which they adhered to the originals makes it feel even more aged than it is. But, even with all that strictness, they changed things in the game that made little sense to me. Primarily the Pokemon distribution throughout the region. Some of it makes sense, yes, but Things like Manky on Route 22 from Yellow are maintained, while Nidoran is removed from the very same route, despite being available on that route in all the gen 1 games! Overall, though, I do thoroughly enjoy my copy of LeafGreen, even if it does have its flaws.
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