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I sighed, neither of them would go. But I had to go. She also declined to take my bed, which was rather odd, but I simply shook head my head, "It's not cold with my sleeping bag, it'll be like when I lived with my sister." Except I was more alone. "Also I'm a Snowman, I'm naturally cold." I layed against the floor and looked at them with my hands resting under my head. I was not going to sleep inside the bag, considering how hot I would get, but just laying on top felt comfortable.

"I think I'm still going. He did a number on the teacher, and apparently the others too." I wondered if he really would hold back against kids. Would you? I thought. Though I didn't answer myself. "What if he decides to start attacking other students? Or what if he goes to the human world? At least if I fail, I can say I tried and not feel so..." I trailed off, there were many words I could've used. Useless, insignificant, cowardly, guilty, and even unimportant ran through my head. "Nevermind, you two probably shouldn't go, not if you don't feel strong enough." I said solemnly, "But since it was technically an order, I will have to go." You should tell them the real reason you want to go, my thoughts teased, A fail would mean your death. And who would care for your death? I thought. "Seriously, take my bed..."

I rolled to my side and looked at the opposite wall, I didn't need the lights off to sleep, though I couldn't sleep. My eyes burned, and the side of my head felt wet.

Though I didn't make a sound.

Elise sat in her room, staring at the wall while laying on her bed. Is Frio dangerous? She wandered, Is this entire school dangerous? She didn't feel much shock anymore, the surprise had worn off, replaced with wonder, curiosity, and fear. Somehow, she didn't feel like she didn't belong her. As if she was always supposed to be here, But that's a silly notion. She thought, I'm human, and this is a school for non-humans.

At least she didn't have a roommate. I think I'll stay here... Just to make sure Frio makes friends. He did promise to protect her. So she breathed in heavily and succumbed to sleep.
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