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Auden Radke,
The Undead Battle Field.


Blades of air, pillars of fire and walls of earth began to systematically erupt from Auden as he calmly walked the battle field tearing through any undead monster he could see, almost like a blender that spewed fire and guts. With each of his steps his magic pulsated, causing a trail of bones, burning rotten flesh and blood to follow his path. The undead were clearly mindless as they continued approaching Auden, even as they watched their fellow undead getting turned into puddles of blood. The smile on Auden's face was slowly growing wider with each body he disposed of, his joy gravitating on bodies that were exploding or being disemboweled, causing the creatures to trip on their own entrails. Deciding to experiment with some he allowed them to get closer before cutting their limbs off, laughing at the one zombie-like on that continued walking without a head or arms, a great sight he thought. In all the fun he realised that he had forgotten about the massive monstrosity that he had first decided to approach, and when looking around he realised he could no longer see it. “Hmm, looks like I got side tracked playing with these little ones..” He spoke while tapping his staff to the ground, causing spikes to impale 5 approaching undead through their heads, sending brains and blood into the air. Another tap of his staff and a pillar of earth rose beneath him, bringing him above the hordes and allowing him to survey the battle field, a dangerous action in a battle with living enemies but this brainless army was much less of a threat.

As blades of earth and air spun around the bottom of his pillar, creating a death saw for anything stupid enough to approach it. The blood splatter below him, some splashes reaching his feet while he surveyed the battlefield, seeing one of the iron-clad brothers and the young elf fighting hell hounds together. Shooting balls of fire into the onslaught he watched in interests as a large demon with a club like hand charged at them, apparently without them realizing as the demon's club struck the elf square on, sending her flying into a ruined building which soon collapsed in on her. That bastard.. he thought to himself as he began tapping his staff on the ground, causing spikes to explode from the ground and puncture some ghouls that had ignored his pillar... I wanted to kill that b*tch.

Slightly annoyed he decided to continue to his survey, soon finding the other iron clad brother being slightly overwhelmed. Feeling overly generous Auden sent a pillar of fire to wipe out a group of ghouls that were approaching, that the mace wielding brother had clearly missed as his attention was with the skeletons surrounding him. With magic still pulsating from his body, the corpses began to build up around the bottom of his pillar; a blood mist now forming. Auden's interest in the elven mage kept his attention as he felt her magic rise around the mace wielding knight. “Well her magic doesn't seem like its very good offensively, especially with the undead.” He told himself while he watched her expend much more magic then needed to disperse the skeletons and save the knights life. With his interest starting to wane, he finally saw the gut spilling monstrosity again, and it was approaching the two warriors, whom were seemingly chatting happy together. With a blood curdling roar it charged at the two with surprising speed, its bowels contents spewing out with each step it took. Humorously Auden watched as the two clumsily dodged its first strike, which left a dent in the ground, which soon filled with stomach fluids. As the elf began throwing her weak magic at the beast, though the most it was doing was slow it down slightly, it knocked the knight away with ease, before turning its attention at the annoying little bug that was buzzing around it. Though the elven mage continued to bombard the creature with her magic, to no avail. Tilting its head slightly it shot its fist through Crystia, before removing it, with her guts in tow. Even more frustrated now Auden watched the elf's lifeless body drop to the ground, another person he wanted to torture to death being killed by someone else. Sighing he tapped on the ground and his pillar began to retract back into the ground.

Suddenly, he felt a building magical power to the the west, where he saw a larger looking lady holding a staff to the air. Watching her lips move he slowed his descent, wanting to get a good look at her magic. It was a fairly impressive display of power, wiping out a large portion of undead that were in the woman's vicinity, much more impressive than the now dead elves magic. Stepping off his pillar just before it fully retracted he could hear the faith screams from the direction of the woman, probably shouts for help but he didn't care much for it. Drawing his sword he faced the woman, whom fell to the ground sending up a small cloud of dust, and chanted before swinging his sword horizontally. The wind blade that shot out level with his swing rushed towards her, as another wave of demons pour over the hill, with many rushing for her fallen body. As they reached the peak of the hill, so did Auden's magic, slicing a large majority of them in half, spraying blood upwards like fountains as their top halves fell to the ground. The edges of the waves however were not in the range of Auden's spell, and they continued onwards at the now dwindling number of knights, completely ignoring the large woman’s motionless body. Unfazed he turned around and began towards the large monstrosity as it stood overwhelming large in comparison to the knight who stood preparing to fight it.

As he approached, the monstrosity noticed him, shoving its own hand into its gut. Curious, Auden continued onwards as it ripped out its own guts and threw them in his direction. With a flick of his sword blades of air shot out, blasting away the guts before finding its place again in its sheath, once again making up his staff. “Ah, what was that?” Auden asked himself as he felt a burn under his cheek, before wiping off the beasts guts, which now burnt at his fingers. Pulling in water vapours he washed away the guts to find his hand slightly eroded and burnt, much to his interest. Slowing momentarily he saw that indeed, the ground around him where he has dispatched most of the guts was also eroding. Very interesting.

Frustrated the monstrosity threw its hands down and smashing the ground just in front of the knight before picking up the elves limp body. Ignoring the knight within reach, the beast threw the dead body in Auden's direction, the moment causing more of its stomachs contents to escape and begin eroding the ground around its feet. Uncaring Auden tap the ground with his staff as the body got closer, skewering the head mid air, cause blood to spray forward just in front of Auden, creating a red carpet of blood. Happily Auden walked along his personal red carpet, his blood starting to boil at the thrill of fighting such a strong opponent. With surprising speed, the gargantuan raised his hand and then brought it down at Percival. Quickly, Auden tapped the ground with his staff, creating a fairly thin earth wall to Percival's side as he brought his shield to the same position, though the wall barely stopped the slap, as it sent Percival flying away to the side, and denting his shield.

“Lets do this fatty.” Auden declared to the oozing monstrosity looking as their eyes lock, though the beasts eyes were half falling out. With a swipe of his staff a pillar of fire flare up engulfing the beasts face in flames, releasing the stench of burning rotted flesh. Grunting the started hitting itself in the face, causing the flames to go out and reveal, barely any significant damage besides the beast popping one of its own eyes and charred flesh. “Well..” Taking a step back Auden watched as it began raising its hand again, this time jamming his staff into the ground a much larger wall formed at his side as he braced himself. This time the wall held up much better, but couldn't stop all the monotonous strength in the slap, sending Auden along the ground and causing his head to start bleeding. Pushing himself up he looked up to see the beasts hand coming down towards him, causing Auden to hastily roll out of the way, barely avoiding the crushing strength. Using the motion as he rolled he smashed the bottom of his staff into the ground, allowing himself to stand up and causing a spike to come up through the ground into the creatures foot, holding it in place. Jumping backwards, air blades began shooting out from Auden, battering the monstrosity sending its ooze out behind it, eroding everything it touched.

Stuck on spike, it struggled, not able to break away it let out a gurgled roar. Standing in front of the undead mutation, swiped his staff through the air, causing a ball of fire to shoot out and hit the mutation in its belly, causing the rotten flesh to burn and let out a horrid smell. Taking no notice of it's burning belly the monstrosity looked around before it began throwing boulders and bodies at Auden. Using all his experience he dodged the projectiles before slipping on a crushed hound head. Hitting the ground hard he coughed as he tried to regain his breath, before staring at the massive brute whom had its own hand deep within his gut. Clawing at the ground Auden tried his best to pull himself off the ground. Frustrated as he was not getting anywhere he threw his hands in front of his face as he pushed himself to the side, feeling intense pain starting to form on his right arm. Regaining his breath he stood up and jumped backwards as he ripped his right sleeve off to reveal ooze burning his arm. Quickly he pulled water in and cleaned his arm off, clenching his fist before sending a small pillar of fire at the beast, grazing the side of its left arm.

Taking another step backwards Auden shot another pillar of fire at the beast, whom caught and snuffed it out mid air, though it did char its hand fairly badly. Still unable to move it jammed its hands back into its guts before throwing its oozes at Auden. This time drawing his sword Auden traced a circle in front of him, causing a huge pillar of fire to come and burn up most of the liquid. Though an intense inferno, the ooze was vast and some made it past Auden's defence, eroding his robe and adding a few more burns to his face and arms, causing him to flinch from the pain of his skin being slowly eaten away. Wiping off his face he stared down the beast as it's muscles tensed and pulled its stuck foot off the ground, spike and all and began rushing Auden. Swinging his sword many blades of air shoot out, landing continuous blows to the left arm of the beast, cutting it off before it had a chance to hit Auden. Not daunted the beast swung its right fist at Auden, catching his legs as he attempted to jump out of the way, causing him to spin uncontrollable into a ruined wall. Coughing blood, Auden struggled to push himself up as pain shot through left his arm. Cringing he tried to ignore the pain as the beast turned to face him once again. “Lets do this!” Auden declared to the monstrosity as he fell to one knee and his jammed his sword deep into the ground as the disgusting brute charged at him. Two massive hand like shaped walls erupted from the ground on either side of beast, and closed in, trapping the beast from moving as it tried to brace itself with one arm, its ooze dissolving the ground under its feet. Pushing harder, the walls slowly closed in on the beast, crumpling its arm under the pressure before slowly crushing its body. With one last strong push into the ground the walls quickly crushed the beast sending its bodily contents spraying all over the area, eroding everything it touched, including the roof of earth that Auden had created to shield himself since fire and wind had both failed before.

With chunks of earth falling around him, Auden stood bleeding, his left arm hanging my his side. Clenching he pulled his sword out of the ground and watched the walls of earth that had killed the beast dissolve around a pile of guts, blood and ooze. Wiping his face he felt a surge of magic; the flare magic and looked to the sky to see the flare he had given Tamor shooting into the sky. Don't die. He thought as he began running towards where the flare was, ignoring all the pain his body felt he began using all his magic to accelerate his travel and destroy anything in between him and Tamor.
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