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    I've really been into Pokemon fangames recently, and me and a couple of friends had some ideas for a fangame! :>

    Your name is Marina. You live in the small town of Garland Town, in the region. It's your 14th birthday, and you're late! Hurry to lab, and get your Pokemon! You get there, and they're all gone. Well, there's one left; it's an Eevee. He says he'll give it to you, if you work on completing the Pokedex, a device that records Pokemon data. You accept and start your journey, battling Trainers, Friends, Gym Leaders, and Team Dusk.

    Marina : The protag of the game. Has a tendency to oversleep.
    Ben (Rival) : Rude, always makes jokes that go too far.
    Luca (Rival #2) : One of Marina's close friends. She recieved a togepi egg from her father at age 6. Since then, she has enjoyed raising pokemon and helping other people. She likes to buy gifts for Ben and Marina.
    Prof. Cedar : Professor of the region, usually wants things in return.
    (I've attached images of Marina and Ben.)

    Team Dusk : An organization wanted to head back into time, this way they can stop the invention of the Pokeball, and rule the region.

    Name : TBA
    Location : SouthEast of Johto

    Concept Art_______________________________________________________________
    TFOTR(Ophidiana) , Shoiri(Nashira) (Concept Art)
    Poccil , Maruno , Flameguru (Pokemon Essentials)
    Echoblossom123 , KEIRA (Sprites)
    Cheesums , Scott-Chan (Events , Mapping)
    Waffuru-San (Music)
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