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    Originally Posted by lory44 View Post
    now i downloaded the last beta, maybe also the last was the last beta, but i dont know, could someone tell me how to apply the ips, and apply to what? and the run the game perfectly, pleaseee for the savegame i dont ithink theres problem because i've got file.sav

    sorry for my english


    (ive downloaded the ips file from the link in this forum 3.3
    Apply your ips file with a clean FireRed GBA Rom using Lunar IPS program

    Originally Posted by SeanAxel View Post
    Amazing hack, truly mindblowing; made me spent 60 plus hours of my life.

    Also, I have a question. If I'm not wrong, the Weather Trio (ie. Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza) are said to be found in the same location, but in different part of said location. However, I went to the location of Kyogre (provided by the guide Dirk123 made, which is outdated). However, I found a Red Scarf there, so I assume that you have to do something before achieving that? What is it?

    Also, the pedestals aren't appearing in my game either, are we suppose to find yet another item other than the three flutes?

    Also, to those that don't know where is the Blue Flute located, Surf up behind the Violet City Gym, talk to that guy. You're welcome.
    Kyogre can be catchable via an event at Undersea express. Groudon can be obtained in a cave where previously it was buggy so through walk through walls cheat. (I don't know if this has been fixed in latest version). As for Rayquaza well it is inside Dragon's Den cave but many people complained that the steps are unlimited in there where you find it
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