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    When I playtest my project, it compiles the data, and when it hit the Processing map X, the error pops. The first popup is this:

    [EOFError, "End of file reached", ["Section058:2098:in `oldload'", "Section058:2098:in `load'", "Section146:2798:in `load_data'", "Section146:2798:in `getMap'", "Section146:2959:in `pbCompileTrainerEvents'", "Section146:2957:in `each'", "Section146:2957:in `pbCompileTrainerEvents'", "Section146:3976:in `pbCompileAllData'", "Section146:4071"]]
    And the next popup is:

    [FONT="Courier New"]Exception: NoMethodError
    Message: undefined method `events' for #

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