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    Originally Posted by Reygok View Post
    Hi I'm trying to insert a self-made Pokémon into a US Version of FireRed, but all the tutorials I can find on this forum replace existing Pokémon, but I want to have all the 386 originals in my game, too.
    The only optioun I found is to replace one of the 26 ?????? after Celebi, but how do I implement those in the ROM? Like with the givepokemon command, do I have to take 0x252 then? Because Celebi is 0x251 and Treecko is 0x277?
    Exactly, the only problem is the only way to obtain them is through evolution, breeding, the givepokemon command. Any other way and the game will crash due to them not having Pokédex entries.

    By the way, there is a way to expand the number of Pokémon. Jambo51 is doing it on 649 base. However it requires a lot of knowledge and experience, deffinately not for a beginnier or even intermediete. I haven't even attempted it yet because it is so intimidating.

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