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    ∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
    Southwest Path

    Chapter One: Part Nine
    A Valiant Return

    Kiba, still wanting to be kept a secret from Julia, silently nudged Shadoan's arm to get his attention. He took off his glasses, eyes glowing brightly, then pointed at his eyes, followed by pointing at the Gyro Gear, toward Julia. This was his silent gesture of saying 'I can find her with my eyes'. He put on his glasses once more and squinted in the direction that the Rock Pokemon had rushed off after. Where were they headed? Hopefully not in Jack's direction; as much as Jack's ignorance hurt Kiba, he'd never wish something like that on him. Moving out of the Gyro Gear and earshot, Kiba gestures to Irek to come and speak with him. "Do you know the general direction of this 'abandoned mill'? If we head off in the right direction I'll be able to pick up on exactly where she is..." He glanced off in the direction that the Rock Pokemon had chased them. "And, I'm curious; what could those Rock Pokemon be rushing after, or away from, exactly?"

    Ki held Amber calmly, patting her for a moment as they re-emerged from the cave. Z followed them quietly, unsure of what she was supposed to do in the current situation, everything around her seeming so unfamiliar.

    Mello suppressed a giggle at Julia's teasing finger and held her sides as if to block any further tickles. She directed her attention back toward the Gyro Gear, though. Something about the call felt... Important to her, and she couldn't place just what that is. She continued watching, hoping for a clue of some sort to appear.

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