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    Jack Davis - A glorious batt-uh... run away!

    It was very very strange to see an Eevee be the first to battle a newly evolved Alakazam. Though... he quickly found out why this man was an elite. The Eevee was somehow super powered. Some how this Eevee was stronger than an Eevee could ever be as it pretty much air juggled Charlie all over the place. The Alakazam kept on trying to retaliate with his new powers being charged up by the unique area he was in, yet he couldn't so much as lift a finger without being kicked about. Charlie glared at the elite as one of his spoons were stolen. "Give. That. Back." He hissed in between clenched teeth as he slowly rose to his feet. "Give that f**king back!" The Alakazam yelled out, his eyes starting to glow with an enraged blue glow.

    Jack just flinched at the criticisms thrown at him. "You expect me to be prefect then? Guess what, I'm not! And neither is Charlie! We all have flaws. I guess being an elite you just sit up high and mighty in your throne and cast judgement down upon us puny mortals huh?" He muttered. "I guess this place isn't that different from the other regions is it now?"

    Alpha just glanced around at the chaos and hung his head, rubbing at his forehead. "This is so not good." The Hypno muttered to himself.
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