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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

    Yeah, also a way. But that does not prove me wrong as XD100 would have no weakness before you use Foresight. And... let's be serious here... There's no one who would have Foresight at that time on any Pokemon on their party.
    Well, with the way you had worded things up there, it made you seem as if you were saying that there'd be no earthly way of beating a Wonder Guard Shadow Lugia with an attack move. But since Ive never even gotten to Shadow Lugia in this hack, I'd have no idea if it was legit plausible for someone to have Foresight (Or Oder Sleuth) on a Pokemon.

    On a different note, Ive decided to give this hack another go cleanly. The only cheating Ive done was giving myself one Lucky Egg to start (Had to sacrifice the Potion in my PC to do so) to help out with the leveling and alter MudSlap so it's double strong and double PP but the Lower Accuracy is halved. My team as of Tiki Village:

    Calm Gabite LVL 24 (Dragonbreath, Slash, Dig, Bite)
    Gentle Ivysaur LVL 18 (Tackle, SleepPowder, LeechSeed, Vinewhip)
    Lonely Pigeotto LVL 19 (Tackle, Gust, SandATK, QuickATK)
    Serious Drilbur LVL 18 (Scratch, MudSlap, RapidSpin, Submission)